Norrde - Driven by passion

A full-service supplier

With more than 60 years of experience, Norrde is a safe and qualified partner for your project. We offer advice and supplies to the aquaculture industry, with a particular focus on onshore aquaculture facilities.

Seamless and efficient

With our broad area of expertise in the aquaculture industry, we can offer you a complete delivery. Our goal is to make the project easy and efficient for you as a customer - from the first inspection, to drawing of facilities and components, engineering, and execution.

Together with experienced and professional partners, we have the capacity to carry out total deliveries of projects of all sizes and scales.

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Sustainable and profitable

Do you need a total supplier in the aquaculture industry with the environment in mind? Norrde AS builds high-quality specially adapted fish farms that deliver a profitable and stable operation every day, in the most healthy and sustainable way possible, for the environment and fish.

We have a high focus on sustainable solutions, with carefully selected components with lower power consumption. In Norrde, we do what we can to create an environmentally friendly production, one example of this is our solutions made using recycled materials.

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