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Norrde is a young and innovative company with a high level of expertise in land-based farming solutions. We are a total service supplier of sustainable fish farming solutions, processing plants and self-produced solutions, from hatcheries to food fish farms on land and marine species such as cod, wrasse, roe biscuits and halibut. We have experience with the design of facilities for cleaner fish such as roe biscuits and gilthead seabream.

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We'll guide you from the get-go

With the right guidance from our experienced advisors, engineers, and developers, you get a facility that has all the prerequisites to be successful and profitable in operation, while maintaining fish health, fish welfare and biosecurity.


Project management

We can lead small and large scaled projects such as the development of new onshore fish farms.


Get the best possible final offer! We can perform a pre-project for the customer by collecting prices, calculations, production planning and more.


We can perform hydraulic calculations such as pressure drop calculations on piping systems, open ducts, pumps etc. We can together with our partners supply CFD analyses and strength calculations of components.


We can draw facilities and components, and we can help the customer with BIM coordination.


Total service supplier

Norrde is happy to offer you a total delivery of onshore aquaculture facilities.

Technical delivery

We can offer and deliver technical deliveries such as vessels, piping systems, energy plants etc. There is nothing we cannot handle for our customers in terms of technical solutions. If we can't do it ourselves, we have solid partners to work with. We take care of the difficult technical challenges, so you don't have to.

Building and facilities

Upon total delivery together with our partners, we can deliver buildings and facilities to the fish farms. The building suppliers will often then also handle groundwork, electrical, plumbing etc. As a customer with us, you get an efficient and easy process.


It is not so easy to know what to buy during a comprehensive project. We are experts in the onshore aquaculture field – and we know exactly what you need. Let us help you with the selection of components, as well as the purchase and delivery of these. We can supply both self-produced and purchased components for your plant.

A seamless and effective collaboration

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